Agents Grow Referral Business by 103% After Taking By Referral Course

Last July Lamacchia Realty and REAL Training and Systems ran its first “Working By Referral” course for both Lamacchia agents and national training customers. This course is centered around the idea of helping agents create, achieve and maintain “T.O.M.A. Top of Mind Awareness” with their friends, families, past clients and everyone in their sphere of influence.

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This intense step-by-step course teaches agents how to be in more consistent and be better about staying in touch with their sphere in a variety of different ways. This is done by having weekly homework that involves making a certain amount of calls, sending out letters, visiting people, Facebook posts and messages and much more. Whoever follows the weekly homework gets free marketing materials for the next weeks class and homework.  The agents who did the entire course and all the homework each received over $200 in marketing materials including postcards and much more. 

Over 90 of Lamacchia Realty’s agents signed up for the course in June of 2018 and 79 completed the entire course so the rate of completion was very high and it was seen in the results the agents achieved.  The agents who participated grew their own businesses an average of 103% since taking the course last July. 

“The by referral course got me my very first listing! Anthony had us pass out about a million flyers (slight exaggeration). One night my husband and I were out to dinner and the waiter recognized my face from the flyer and asked if I could talk to his mom about selling their home!”
Laura P. NEW
Laura Pinard

The course was run over four weeks in July 2018 and with a final recap week in late August.  Then it was repeated again this past January.

This year’s improved “Working by Referral” course will kick off on July 10th and will run each Wednesday morning during the weekly training for 30-60 minutes. Agents who take the course and follow it each week will undoubtedly see an increase in their Referral business right away.

“It is so exciting to see how much so many of our agents have grown their businesses over the last year since we ran this course. Many of them developed habits that they now use on a weekly basis which was my goal when we designed the course, so it makes me proud of them to see it."
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Anthony Lamacchia
Lamacchia offers an array of unique lead products, services, and tools to its agents.  In addition, the trainings, systems, technology and marketing that Lamacchia Realty offers its agents are second to none and the word is spreading. Agents have everything they need to grow their businesses at their fingertips. Agents who join from other companies on average, grow their business by 318% in their first year at Lamacchia Realty due to all the advanced training and support they receive.

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