9 Things You Are Doing Wrong as a REALTOR® on Social Media PART 3

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Lindsay Favazza: All right. You’ve made it to the third and final video. Here are your last three tips on how to crush your social media game. Ready? Let’s dive in. You are selling yourself instead of educating. Here’s what I mean, if you are saying, “Give me your referrals. Do you know of anyone who’s looking to buy or sell?” Or saying anything even remotely salesy in your videos, or your post text or anything like that, it is turning people off and they’re going to be less likely to follow.

Think about you, think about your focus group of one. Would you be more willing to follow a page where you’re learning something, or more willing to follow a page where people are shoving down on your throat that they’re the best realtor out there. Probably education. You want to make sure that you are educating. Always err on the side of educating. Remember, in all of the different videos that Anthony does on this Crush It page, on our Instagram channel, on our YouTube channel, we very rarely, very, very rarely mention our brokerage name, because we don’t want to make this into a sales pitch.

This is an education platform. Make your business page the same exact way. It’s education first and then the sales will come. You don’t have to sell yourself all the time. It’s turning people off. Next is you might be not engaging as much as you should. Here’s what I mean. A lot of times people will post a video, or make a post, or whatever it is. You are focused as the owner of that page on only posting and not going back into the comments, liking what people have posted in the comments. Answering questions that people have asked, or sometimes you’ll see a name that someone put in there that they want them to see this video. You got to thank that person for sharing it.

Make sure that you are always engaging with your posts. If you have your Instagram business page and your Facebook business page combined, they’re connected. Then what you can do is you can actually go into the notification section on Facebook, and see both messages on Instagram or on Facebook. You can see messages, people who posted, people who liked, shared, so on.

Just scroll through and start looking at all those comments, and shares, and all that and make sure you’re engaging with them. Because if you’re not then they’re going to feel like you’re not actually a part of that business. They’re not going to feel like they’re getting that one-on-one attention that they want to know that they’re going to get from their realtor. It’s crazy important that you’re super engaged on your business page.

The last tip that I have for all of you is you are not asking for people to follow. The last couple tips ago here in the very beginning of this video, I told you that you want to err on the side of education and not on selling. If there is one, one sales-type message that you put on your page it’s like or follow for more. Because what you’re doing is yes, you’re selling your page in a way, but at the same time you just provided them with educational content.

You’d actually be doing them a disservice if you didn’t tell them, make sure to follow so you can get even more of this content. Do you see what I mean? It’s not necessarily, “Hey, call me so I can sell your house.” That’s obviously the ultimate goal, but what you’re saying is follow this page so that you can see more great tips like this. At the end, or even at the beginning, let’s say you set up your video and then you say like and follow so you can make sure to not miss a tip and then go into the major crux of your video or your post or whatever the case is. That will make it so that you’ll get more likes and follows consistently.

Something else is I was driving down the highway the other day and I saw a car with an Instagram logo and next to it their @ name. It was a guy’s personal page, but I immediately while sitting in traffic went to see what he posts about, what does he do? Is it a realtor? Is it a photographer? I didn’t know. Honestly, when I got there, I really didn’t know. I think it was just a personal page, but I went to his page. I think that if you’re advertising, your @ symbols a little bit more often, you’re going to see more likes and comments.

Make sure that you’re putting it on your business card, make sure that you’re putting it on a postcard when you send a postcard out. It is very simple. You do the logo for whatever the social media is. Then, you do app and your name and whatever the page name is that you have. That way they know where to find you on social to like or follow for more. Now I’m going to do it for us. Crush It in Real Estate. Have you liked and followed this Facebook page? Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel? Have you liked our Instagram page?

We have content on all three places. You can also check out our website, crushitinre.com where we put all of these videos. Lastly, I actually host a podcast where agents talk about their experience on how they’ve made it through the trials and tribulations of being an agent and come out on the other side. That is a great thing for you to follow as well. Go wherever you get podcasts and make sure to subscribe to that channel as well.

There you go. I did it too. You can always ask. It doesn’t feel salesy. It just feels like you’re giving them a resource for more education. I hope you guys learned a ton from this three-video series, and let me know in the comments below what you want to learn more about as far as marketing. I’ll be happy to make videos for you.