9 Things You Are Doing Wrong as a REALTOR® On Social Media Part 1

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Lindsay Favazza: Realtors, I have nine things that you are doing wrong on your social media. We’re going to walk through all nine, but first, today, I’m going to give you three and then three more the next week, and then three more after that, so make sure you have subscribed to our Crush It Real Estate YouTube channel and you have liked and followed this Facebook page as well because that’s the only way you’re going to get all three videos. Let’s dive in. Number one, not being consistent.

What I see a lot of people do is especially when they’re new in the business, they get excited, they post a bunch of times, but then they walk away and they don’t go back to their business page and they don’t talk about it on their personal page even, that they’re in real estate. What that does is makes people forget that you are in real estate. Unless you are consistently posting on your business page, sharing it to your personal page, talking about real estate on your personal page as well, then people will start to forget that that’s what you do.

Let’s say you get all excited. You’re like, “I’m going to start doing videos. Every Tuesday, I’m going to do a video.” You start posting them on Tuesdays. You get three or four Tuesdays in and you forget. Then you have this lull for two to three months where you don’t post a video. That is hurting you more than posting every other week if that’s more doable for you. Figure out what works best for your schedule and for how you can stay consistent and then make that your consistent schedule. The other tip that I have for you as far as consistency goes, is put something in your calendar every single day that reminds you to post something.

That way, even if you don’t post every single day, at least you have that reminder there and you will still consistently post throughout the time. You have to be consistent. The next is not doing video. We have talked about video a million times. We continue to ad nauseam tell you to do video and that video is so powerful, but then why am I only seeing we over 400 agents at our company and only two or three of them do it consistently all the time? It’s crazy to me. If that is the normal statistic across the entire industry, then you really should be doing video because no one else is doing it.

Even more reason for you to do it, whether it be in your listing videos and be the one talking. Even if you can’t physically be in front of the camera on your listing video, you be the one that narrates that listing video if you have resources for those types of things. Here are a couple of tangible ideas for you to take away as far as video because I know that this is the part that people truly struggle with the most, and that is what to actually post. You can go on Zillow, realtor.com, HGTV. They all have excellent blogs and you can click in, read any of those blogs and become the expert.

That’s how most content is made. I have the secret for you. That’s how most content is made. Read through some of those blogs that they put up, become the expert, and then do a video, do a quick two minute, three minute video. Then another thing that you can do is an agent guided tour. You could either be the voiceover or you could specifically be in the video and have someone film you as you guide them through the house or give some kind of narrated version of what this house is all about and what the highlights are of that home.

Your sellers will love that, and then also it’ll give you a lot more visibility on video with your clients. Another thing you could do is an agent spotlight. I’m sure you have friends that are also business owners within your community that you could do a video for. It could be a restaurant, it could be a community leader, a teacher, someone that you highlight on your business page that will bring in more followers from their audience as well. You can go on your MLS and pull stats and do a more update video. That one, I would say, do live.

That way, when people are writing different things within the comments, you can answer their questions live and it could be much more of an interactive. I know live is a lot to bite off, but build up your courage and do it because I’m telling you that engagement is going to really make your video sore. The last thing is your client clients are a resource for your video content. Think about the questions that keep coming up, that you get from clients every single week. Is the market going to crash? Are the interest rates going to go up? Am I going to be able to afford something later on?

All of those things are video topics, because if they have those questions, there’s a million other people within your market that have the exact same question. Use that information, write it down, make notes of the questions that you’re getting and that you’re getting consistently so that you can go back and use that and reference it for your video content. That will be the best video content you can possibly find. It is going to give you the most bang for your buck. If there’s on this entire nine reasons that you’re doing something wrong list, if that is the one thing that you take away and start doing in your business, you will be successful, I promise you.

Make sure you’re doing video, educational, video, fun video, and so on. The last one that we’re going to go through today and then you’ll have to wait for next week is not being yourself. I see so many agents that post about business only, or post about just clients, testimonials, things like that. You have to include things about yourself. Look, people are not going to work with you because you’ve sold so many properties, right? That is obviously something that will add to it, but they want to work with someone and that they like, that they know, and that they trust.

The only way to build that is by giving a little bit more about yourself. You’re a realtor, this isn’t a product on the show. If you’re selling yourself, you’re selling your capabilities to work with them, and they’re going to choose to work with you because you too are an avid runner, or you too are an avid bicyclist, or you too love to garden. They’re going to connect with those things. Unless you’re telling them what you like outside of business and talking about who you are as a person, it’s just not going to land. We’ve talked about doing video now, and we’ve talked about being yourself and showing your personality, so let’s tie these two together at the end of this.

Now, what you should be doing another kind of video content is do video about your personal likes and things that you do on the weekends and things like that. Maybe you bring your child into your video to help. Trust me, babies and puppies and kitties works every time. You’re showing your personal side and you’re bringing the kid in and you’re having them in the video and they’re cute and it’s totally helping your video to get more views and it’s different.

Also, if you like to garden, maybe it’s gardening tips. Maybe it’s the next run that you’re doing fundraising for. Maybe it’s a non-profit type thing that you’re involved in that you want to do a video on. All of those things show your personal side but also allow you to do video. Those are the things that you want to really be tying them together and don’t forget to be consistent. Be consistent. That is my three for today. Tune in next week for the next three.