7 Mistakes Realtors Make on Facebook

If you are like most realtors you want to jump on Facebook and get the word out about yourself, your listings and anything else that the public will listen to you say. Many times these same, gung-ho, Realtors get frustrated when they post and people don’t engage or they aren’t seeing the returns they expected.

We have put together the list of the top 7 mistakes that you are probably making!

fb mistakes

Putting up posts about your listings with way too much info

When an agent puts up a post their first inclination is to post everything about the property. Bedrooms, baths, every picture, square footage, OH MY! All you want to post is a picture of the front of the house and say single-family in {insert town name} available now! If you do this, you will peak enough interest to get direct messages, text messages and emails, GUARANTEED!

Sharing a helpful article but not writing in the post

Often Realtors find great blog articles or share something from their own blog, but they forget to write why someone should read it. Posting a link is not enough. Explain why they should read it, what they will get from it and what action they should take. You will get far more engagement then just a link to an article.

Not targeting your boost properly

When you post on your page, think of the best person you want to show this to and target those people. If it is a listing in a certain town than boost to that town plus the surrounding. The likelihood of someone buying that property that is 40 miles from there is pretty slim so keep your targeting in check. Be careful not to get too targeted though or your cost per click or engagement will go WAY up!


Not using emojis

It may feel like you are thrown back to the AIM instant messenger days of emojis and dial up internet but don’t overlook the all-powerful emoji! Adding a few to your post will break up the text making it easier to read and allowing the eyes to take a break. It also will add some fun to your posts and will make the process of posting a little more fun for you as well.

Hiring a company to make generic posts

You have probably seen a post on someone’s page with an image of a kitchen and the post saying, do you like this kitchen? These posts are mainly created by companies who promise the world of posting, driving engagement and more, but they do the opposite. If the posts they are posting aren’t relevant to the audience they may be more annoying than engaging. Don’t waste the money on constant posts, focus on quality over quantity.

Selling, selling, selling

Some Realtors believe it is necessary to post that they can help you buy or sell a home, and these posts are all they do. This is not going to get you more likes, more followers or more sales. It is pushy and can be annoying. Instead focus on education and entertainment and not always about real estate. There may be a local community event you want to promote or tell them about a new restaurant in the area, get creative but do not SELL.

Not doing video

No one wants to be on camera and no one likes the sound of their own voice. Ok now that we have established that, here is some tough love! GET OVER IT! Video is the #1 way to get more engagement on your Facebook page. If this is your goal then stop making excuses, add a little more makeup to your face and grab that selfie stick!

Get the engagement you want by avoiding these mistakes on Facebook!