3rd Annual Florida Crush It In Real Estate Event: A Resounding Success

On September 15th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, REALTORS® and industry frontrunners from across South Florida convened to gain insights from the region’s top-performing REALTORS®. Together, they delved into strategies for thriving in this evolving market. 

2023 Florida Crush It Event Highlight Video

Anthony Lamacchia

“You have to know the data, know the information, know the rates, know the tools, know of all the workarounds you can possible know.”

In his keynote, Anthony explored and explained the current market dynamics, offering strategies to enlighten potential leads and clients. He stressed the importance of comprehending market statistics and data. Furthermore, he discussed the nuances of the two types of listing appointments, provided guidance on addressing hesitant buyers and sellers, touched upon mortgage rate buydowns, and shared actionable tactics for lead generation. 

Selling Luxury

Two of the industry’s leading Realtors in South Florida, Megan Romine and Karen Matluck, shared their insights on excelling in the luxury property realm in an interview moderated by Heather Kaminsky of Broward Real Producers Magazine. Megan highlighted her unique customized marketing that sets her and her team apart in this competitive market. She also stressed the importance of putting in the work. Meanwhile, Karen attributed her remarkable success to building lasting relationships and integrating her distinct touch, her iconic red handbag, into her everyday dealings. 

Lindsay Favazza

“Through video your audience will get to know your face, your personality, your voice, your mannerisms. You can’t do that with a postcard.”

REALTORS® left this session empowered and primed to revolutionize their marketing strategies. Lindsay highlighted the crucial significance of using video to demonstrate one’s expertise and value to their network, prospective clients, and the wider social media community. She differentiated between marketing expenses and investments, offering guidance on budgeting for the latter. Lindsay also detailed the various cost channel tiers. Her key takeaway? Emphasizing the dual role of being both a “Marketer” and a Realtor. 

Dionna Hall & Kim Hansen

CEO & COO of Broward, Palm Beaches & St. Lucie Realtors

Dionna and Kim began their segment by highlighting the numerous benefits of becoming a member of the Broward, Palm Beaches & St. Lucie Realtors Association. The association prides itself on exceptional customer service, robust support, a vast network, and a strong sense of community. Additionally, they delved into the professional development courses available and introduced the latest tools and initiatives offered to their realtors. 

Agent Interview with Top- Producing Realtors

Linda S. Hoyt of RE/MAX Experience & Mike Valenica of Lamacchia Realty

When inquired about achieving their impressive volume figures and how they effectively engage their sphere, both Linda & Mike emphasized the importance of authenticity. Authenticity holds immense power; there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. They also talked about their communication techniques that prompt buyers and sellers to act in this demanding market. Additionally, they shared insights into their marketing approaches and their active involvement in their communities. 

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