3 Guidelines to Brainstorming Sessions

Read the blog below:

Lindsay Favazza: Do you have brainstorm partners? Do you have people that you can go to, that you can get in a room with– Say hi, everybody.

Everybody: Hi.

Lindsay Favazza: They literally don’t want to speak. Do you have people that you can get in a room with to generate ideas on your business? If you are an agent who is just working on your own business in a silo, you’re sitting in your home office and you’re trying to generate ideas of how to get more leads or how to help your clients or whatever the case is, you need to have a team of people that you can sit down with and do a brainstorm with at some point.

Maybe it’s a real estate attorney, maybe it’s your mortgage lender, maybe it’s someone who does home inspections, there’s ways for you to all help each other, and you can go into that brainstorm with a list of things that you want to brainstorm on. You’ll be surprised at how many amazing ideas come out of it. Three rules to brainstorming or three guidelines. Number one is you can’t say no or I hate the idea or make a bad face. We’ve seen a couple of faces today in our brainstorm, but you can’t say no and you can’t say it’s a bad idea. You want to collect as many ideas as possible, put them all on paper, and then later you can fish through it and figure out what’s the best ideas.

The second thing is, you also want to make sure that you take action on something in that list. After you’re done, make sure you go through the list and then pick out just one or two things that you’re going to take action on and try out. Then the last, and this sounds so ridiculous, but Angela can back me up on this, right? You’ve got to have snacks for a brainstorm, there’s got to be some kind of food. It gets the brain working, maybe it’s coffees, right, we’ve got our coffees all set, whatever it is, but make sure that people are well-fed for a brainstorm and I think that you guys will have some great success. That’s it. I hope you guys have the best brainstorm strategies ever.