2023 Crush It In Real Estate Kickoff Event RECAP

Miss the event? Here is your chance to watch the replay!

On February 9th, our annual Crush It In Real Estate Kickoff took place in Worcester, Massachusetts, where over 750 real estate professionals from across New England and other states came together to learn from some of the industry’s top leaders. The turnout was impressive, with hundreds of eager realtors ready to network and learn from the best. 

The speakers at the event were simply outstanding. Jasmine Sunkara, George Sarkis Jr., Paul J. Cervone, and Elliot Eisenberg shared their vast knowledge, experiences, and insights on the latest trends and strategies in the real estate industry.  

The audience was highly engaged and enthusiastic, actively participating in discussions and taking notes. It was inspiring to see so many motivated individuals who are passionate about helping their clients and being the absolute best, they can be. 

Event Keynotes

Anthony Lamacchia

Anthony shed light on the current real estate market’s fluctuating conditions and confidently forecasted how this dynamic shift will affect business in coming months. He highlighted the significance of understanding and articulating four key benefits of homeownership, and articulating mortgage buydowns, and assumption options for your buyers. Anthony emphasized these findings with tangible data that demonstrated what is currently happening within our industry. And of course, in true Anthony fashion he brought this information to the audience in a fun, engaging, and motivating way!

Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. - The Bowtie Economist

We had the pleasure of welcoming Elliot Eisenberg Ph.D, aka “The Bowtie Economist” – an esteemed economist in his field- to be our second keynote speaker! He offered his invaluable perspective on what makes this particular economic climate tick and how it’s impacting today’s real estate market. He also provided an extensive review of recent trends plus actionable strategies for REALTORS that want to succeed amidst challenging conditions! He was so animated and fun to watch and made economics entertaining and easy to understand for the audience.  

Top Agent Interviews

Jasmine Sunkara, Big Block Realty North

Jasmine Sunkara’s journey to success has been both inspiring and successful. Having come all the way from Sacramento, California, she is enjoying remarkable accomplishments in her real estate career – selling over 700 homes! She shared her personal story which is one of both tragedy and courage. She is an inspiration to all and really shared her secrets with the audience. 

George Sarkis Jr. – The Sarkis Team of Douglas Elliman

In an incredibly short period of time, George has achieved tremendous success in the luxury market. His sales have skyrocketed from a remarkable $17 million to an awe-inspiring $348 million last year! He divulged how he achieved such extraordinary heights while nurturing and expanding his team simultaneously. You have to spend to get where you want, and you have to hustle. 

Paul J. Cervone – Lamacchia Realty

Paul J. Cervone is not only an accomplished REALTOR but also someone who is willing to share and give back which is exactly what he did! He explained how he not only achieves but maintains top-of-mind awareness and provided the attendees with his 3 M’s, Motion, Mindset and Management. He was very transparent about his journey to success and how learning to build long-lasting relationships was a key part of that. 

Sales & Marketing Training

Dave Karoly – The Do’s & Don’ts of a Listing Appointment

Dave Karoly, Lamacchia Realty’s VP of Sales, provided valuable insight into the necessary steps to ensure a successful listing appointment. He outlined strategies for optimal preparation and delivery that should be implemented in every situation. He explained how Realtors can set themselves apart in an increasingly crowded marketplace. 

Lindsay Favazza - How to be successful on Instagram

Lindsay Favazza, VP of Marketing at Lamacchia Realty, revealed her best practices for getting the most out of Instagram. She highlighted how engagement plays a crucial role in success and shared key insights on creating compelling videos that drive results. She also gave away a gift to the audience of a course that goes into depth about the ins and outs of Instagram for Realtors.  

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The 2023 Crush It Kickoff event was one to remember. The speakers were very generous in sharing their processes and strategies with the audience, the audience soaked up every bit of information and are already using these takeaways to help them reach their goals. It brought diverse professionals together in one room, with the collective goal of furthering their knowledge and advancing their careers. The event demonstrated just how strong the real estate community really is, especially when united in a common purpose.