2021 Crush It Kickoff Event RECAP

2021 Crush it in Real Estate Kick-Off Recap

On Thursday, January 15th the annual Crush It In Real Estate Kick-Off event took place virtually via Facebook Live to an exclusive group of REALTORS. Although the event was not held in person as it usually is, the virtual version went off without a hitch and left viewers fired up for 2021!

2021 Kick-Off Event RECAP

With speakers and special guests ranging from luxury specialists and mortgage aficionados to agents with big numbers and a real estate tech leader, this event had something for everyone.

Over 1900 Realtors from all over North America registered and 600 – 900 were very engaged Realtors who commented over 2,500 times throughout the event. Hundreds, suffering a case of “FOMO”, were disappointed when their procrastination barred them from registering to view the event after the fact. I think it’s safe to assume the one action item of Anthony’s those agents came away with was “DON’T WAIT, ACT!”

Mortgage Update with Shant Banosian

Kicking off the event was the Gold Sponsor, Shant Banosian from Guaranteed Rate. It is clear by listening to Shant that he isn’t so successful in this industry from luck, but from hard work and extensive knowledge of the industry.

Shant reviewed the wild year that was 2020 and how it doubled almost every big mortgage player’s business. Why is that? According to Shant and the data – refinances were the biggest contributor. Viewers learned why mortgage rates dropped so drastically during a pandemic and more.

“Low rates create affordability; nothing motivates a renter to buy a house more than a low rate!” – Shant Banosian, Guaranteed Rate

Shant gave viewers his top advice for Realtor’s and their buyers in this climate, putting special emphasis on one point: Have your buyers PREPARED!

“Low rates create affordability; nothing motivates a renter to buy a house more than a low rate!”

Crush It Kickoff Event_900

Agent Panel

Three incredible top agents from different experience levels gave their honest, genuine, and REAL advice for making it in this business. Mark Balestracci, Kathryn Early, and Bea Murphy held nothing back when it came to discussing what they do well and what they actively work on every day.  The wealth of knowledge these agents shared in 60 minutes is hard to recap in one paragraph. Here is some of what these agents recommend focusing on to CRUSH IT in 2021.

“Client parties are something that I wish I had done sooner. When it comes down to it, if you get 90 people in the room with YOU as the one common denominator- you don’t have to ask for business.”


“I spend most of my marketing money on courting my past clients! I use social media to keep in touch and follow big events. If I see someone posts about getting engaged, I’m sending them a handwritten card congratulating them, later I look up their wedding registry and send them a gift!”

“Keeping in touch with clients is very important to me. I make sure to send out a card to every one of my clients on their birthday and the anniversary of them purchasing a home, just connect with them as a human being!”


Real Estate Technology Update

CEO of Ylopo, Howard Tager joined the conversation with a short but impactful discussion with Anthony about all things Real Estate technology.  They discussed some new things with google, new changes in Facebook and demonstrated the power of building relationships with your vendors so you can partner for success.

Michael LaFido – Luxury Specialist

Michael came to us all the way from Chicago to teach our Crush It followers how they too can make it as a Luxury agent. One of the biggest things Mike wants agents to know- BE CONFIDENT.

Michael explained that just like a home, your brand cannot be built on a weak foundation. It is so important to be knowledgeable about the work you are doing!

The more knowledgeable you are, the more confidence you have, and the more like you are to step out of your comfort zone. But where does that knowledge come from? By really getting to know your client, knowing the local markets & beyond, knowing your competition, and more, you are radiating knowledge.  The more you know, the more confidence people have in you! Which in turn, gives you more confidence to push yourself to the next level.

Around the Country

This segment brought together on screen four successful agents from all corners of the US.  Lindsey Gudger, Owner/Team Leader at Every Door Real Estate in Seattle, Mabel Guzman Broker at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Chicago, Jeff Wilhems Team Leader of Marsee Wilhelms Team in Tuscon, and Amie Balchunas of Lamacchia Realty Fort Lauderdale rounded out this elite agent panel.    The discussion was focused on each market’s data and trends.  What is happening with single-family sales versus condo sales, how are the rental prices changing in the different areas, and much more.

Each person in each corner of the country has unique trends but they all echoed a similar message, low inventory is driving prices.

Take Action – Anthony Lamacchia

Anthony ended the day with an action-packed, energetic hour of training!

Are you ready to take action?

Anthony covered 3 KEY things Realtors can do now to take the reins of their business and make their goals a reality. 

One major key that Anthony discussed is how to fight the low inventory.  It’s no secret that right now inventory is lower than it’s ever been. And while frustrating, there are multiple things you can do to stand out and get your clients the home they want. Don’t be afraid to dig, dig, and dig some more – you can no longer just rely on MLS!

Go on the offense – knock on doors, send letters, scour Zillow coming soons, connect with FSBO sellers, befriend and build a good rapport with fellow agents, etc. Step out of your comfort zone and… Do. The. Work.  Your clients will thank you for it!  He also went over goal setting and other topics that got the crowd all fired up!

In Conclusion

With so many great speakers willing to share, top-notch production, and an audience filled with engaged agents it truly was an event to be remembered. The biggest takeaway was – it’s time to act. Stop waiting around for things to come to you. Do the work, and make it happen for you and for your clients! Attending events like these are the perfect opportunity to act or take advantage of any learning opportunities and be the best you can be in your profession.